Saturday, November 5, 2016

Call for Submissions

Young Playwrights 
between the ages of 
7 and 16:
KTDT Digital Radio & Thistle Dew Theatre is requesting themed monologs and short plays.  They must be rib-tickling funninesses, laughably moving wacky slap-sticks, side-splitting comedies, dramatic action-packed jocularities, hilariously electrifying stories of mayhem and defenestrations, humorously riveting absurd monologs and short plays.
Those playwrights chosen for the competition will have their play of monolog produced and performed on the Thistle Dew Stage, heard on KTDT Digital Radio and videotaped for viewing on this blog.
EXAMPLE:  The on-going call for "Tarradiddle" monologs and plays.
(CLUE: Pinocchio was one of the original Tarradiddle people.)
(Isn't almost everything fiction... Tarradiddle... spinning yarns?)
EXAMPLE: Excerpt from Rump Roast Recipes! 
By local writer Barbara Kokonas ©2014:
"Butler and I traveled to the Gobi Desert a few years ago. There were rumors of a desert mole with huge haunches. Descriptions were unbelievable, mostly because they were lies. Anyhow, we didn’t find any moles, but there is a big-rumped camel that runs wild in the Gobi. We hired a guide and servants, all that jazz. I saw the danged camel! Saw it through my binoculars! Boy, oh, boy did it ever have a huge rump to roast! I actually started salivating!" ...
FUTURE THEMES (Plays you should be composing now):  All themes MUST be comedic, funny, amusing and/or humorous.
Deadlines are as denoted below for production by our KTDT-Digital Radio and Studio Stage Players.
1.  Super Heros of your own making: A figment of your imagination: i.e., Captain Ultra-Max. Title(?): "Captain Ultra-Max Defeats the Dastardly Emperor Spasmodical Miasma in a Malodorous Battle over the Sacramento River sickening the entire population."
2.  Tales Told After School (No identifiable names.)
3.  Halloween: (Aug. 15, 2017, deadline.)
4.  Thanksgiving:  'Thanksgiving Dinner with the whole family'.  Aug. 5, 2017, deadline.)
5.  Christmas: (Aug. 15, 2017, deadline.)
Suggested title: "Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves struggle to keep up with the Christmas demand for Fruit Cake".

Plays selected in each of the themed series will be performed by the KTDT Players.  
You can create your own production here at the "Dew" FREE!  Bring your cast and crew.   You will learn a lot about theater production.
If you need help composing your idea for a play or monolog, please contact Tom: for Special KTDT RADIO FORMAT RULES! or go to Thistle Dew Theatre at...
KTDT Digital Radio at...

Thanks for your submission(s).
Thomas M. Kelly
Artistic Director